Uber for kids? It's coming your way. It's called "Shuddle" and if your child is too young to drive and needs a ride, you've got it. So I ask, would you trust your kid to a complete stranger? 

You are stretched thin, you're a single parent, you cannot drive, you work unGodly hours. Whatever reason you would need a ride for your child, Shuddle can help you get your child to and from sporting events and dance class making life a lot easier.

The idea is simple. Parents download an app that pings a car and driver to come pick up their kid. You book the ride in advance, are given a picture of the driver along with info about the kind of car they are driving. All vehicles must be at least four doors and pass an extensive 19 point inspection. All drivers are put through a criminal background check, two former employers are contacted and DMV records are pulled. Drivers must also either have kids of their own or have worked with them in the past. The transactions are all through credit card, so you don't have to send your kids off with a fist full of cash and worry about them having to pay the driver. Employees of Shuddle watch each ride and follow up to make sure the child arrives and is on time. The only thing your child will need is a cell phone with texting capability.

I am NOT a parent but this make my stomach hurt. So I ask you moms and dads, would you do this? It sounds like they have covered all their bases but there is that whole stranger danger thing. Not to mention the fact that we teach our kids to stay away from them.

What do you think? Would you let your child ride with Shuddle?