Last weekend Ellie's new fish Mr. Crabs died after only owning him for 3 days, and she was devestated.

Her stepmom was the first responder on the scene and did a wonderful job explaining to Ellie that this was the circle of life, and that while he only lived with them for three days she was certain he was very happy.

Ellie was very brave and ultimately was able to flush Mr. Crabs herself, because she's just that stinking independent. But she had moments of real sadness and grief throughout the day.

I was honestly surprised by her sadness seeing as she only had the fish for three days, and yet proud at her ability to be so in touch with her emotions.

As a parent though, it's never easy seeing your child sad and I couldn't help but wonder... what if we hadn't told her and instead had just gotten a new Mr. Crabs.

We've all seen it in the movies and maybe some of us have even done it. The hampster dies, so we run out and get an identical hampster to replace the one that died before the child can notice.

But is that really the best choice of action? Or is it better instead to bit the bullet and use this moment as a teaching opportunity.

We want to know what you think!