Recently Ellie tried to give me $5 for ice cream I bought her "that one time." I of course refused it, but she pressed the issue and I wondered if I handled it correctly.


The issue for me was that it seemed her desire to give me money was motivated out of a need to care for me. As the parent I feel that it is my responsibility to care for her, and don't want her to worry too much about me.

With that in mind I insisted that she put it back in her bank, but since she is my daughter, she threatened to sneak it into my purse! Keep in mind... the child is 8 and a half haha.

I decided to bring my question to you the listeners and I was not disappointed. Many of you saw it as a good thing; that I was teaching her charity and that she was probably wanting to feel important.

Others suggested I take the money and put it away for her and use it to pay for something she really wants. One listener actually did that and paid for her son's drivers ed!

My personal favorite was a suggestion to use it as a teaching moment where I could have told her we would use it to pay it forward since I didn't need the money but other's did.

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All in all I left the show feeling so thankful for all our wonderful listeners and excited to employ some of your great suggestions.

Keep them coming friends! This single momma will take all the help and good advice I can get ;-)