AJ's doing it! And it's for a great cause...

Last year around this time, I was SO excited to have the opportunity to rappel down the building that is the home of 94.9 HOM - One City Center. At 180 feet, it's one of the largest and most iconic buildings in the city of Portland.

And then, I got sick. I'm talking REALLY sick. I had pneumonia. So sadly, I had to bail on my rappelling adventure.

I've been waiting all year for another chance to do it. And that time has finally come.

Rappel For Ripple Effect is an event that benefits one of my favorite non-profits - Ripple Effect. They help kids have outdoor adventures, which is more important than ever nowadays, with teens so hooked on their phones, TV, and video games.

If you think you've got what it takes to rappel down One City Center with me, there are still a few open slots to take part. Or, you can come and watch me!