New England winters can be tough! Freezing cold temps,snow and ice can sometimes make life here a little uncomfortable. Even though we love it! Here are some easy, around-the-house, things you can do to ease the burden of the winter weather conditions. Give them a shot and feel free to share you winter weather hacks with us!

Have you heard that wearing mittens will keep your hands warmer than wearing gloves? It's true. When made of the proper material, mittens provide more warmth to the hands because your fingers have skin-to-skin contact and share body heat. It just makes sending a text a bit more challenging!

Here are a few other winter weather "life-hacks" that were really shared by Business Insider that may help make your life a little easier this snowy season.

  • Avoid Wearing Cotton:Cotton clothes and socks are the absolute worst things you can wear during the winter, because cotton holds moisture and loses its insulating properties. If you sweat under your jacket, get wet from the snow, or if there's any moisture in the air, the cotton will quickly absorb it and keep it close to your skin, making you feel even colder.Try wool!
  • Use kitty litter for stuck tires: Salt and sand can help when your car gets stuck in the snow, but kitty litter will also work in a pinch to give you traction. Shovel as much snow and ice as possible out from the path of your tires, and then put a liberal amount of cat litter around and under the tire.
  • Bubble wrap your windows: Heat escapes through windows. Insulate your window without blocking the sun by using large bubble wrap. Mist water onto your window with a spray bottle, push the flat side of the wrap against the window, and it will stay put and keep your room insulated for months.
  • Dry your shoes quickly with newspaper: Once the snow starts to melt, shoes quickly become wet and are hard to dry. Most people think to put them near a heat source, but this can have the unwanted effect of shrinking your shoes.Instead, stuff wet shoes with newspaper. It will absorb the moisture quickly, though you might have to replace the newspaper a few times depending on how drenched your shoes are. You can also wrap the outside with the newspaper and secure with a few rubber bands.
  • Ice-proof your windshield with vinegar.  Mix three parts vinegar and one part water, spray it on your windshield and there won't be ice stuck to it the next morning.  Or you can use it to melt ice that's already there.
  • Prep your snow shovel with cooking spray.  That way, snow won't stick to it while you're shoveling.  You can also just rub it down with vegetable oil.
This young lady shares some interesting life hacks that may also have make life a little easier for you!

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