Today I head to the Recompence Shore Campground in Freeport Maine! I bet you didn't know I was a woman of the wild did you? I'm really not fake it til you make it, right?! Since I will be becoming one with nature this weekend I got to think about the wildlife I might encouter during my stay.

A real live weasel.These guys get a bad reputation but look how cute he is!

Maybe I will spot a loon (and i'm not referring to my mother. haha just a joke mama, love you!)

I could run into one of these handsome devils, a black crowned night heron.

If I get to hold two baby turtles in the palm of my hand then it will be a perfect weekend.

And finally if I run into one of these bad boys (or girls) I am in trouble! Black bears are beautiful magnificent creatures to see. FROM AFAR.

My human friends might be all the wildlife I need for the weekend. However, if I encounter any of these beautiful creatures (minus madame black bear) it would be a great bonus! I'll be sure to keep you posted on how my weekend folds.

Find me where the wild things are,

Kira Lew