Where is the Black Widow?

That is the question I and many others are asking themselves as the new toyline for the most recent "Avengers, The Age of Ultron" movie emerges.

If you have seen the new movie (and if you haven't don't worry, no spoilers here) then you may recall the super awesome scene where Black Widow rides a motorcycle and kicks all kinds of fanny.

However, I regret to inform you that if you had plans to add the action figure of Black Widow on said motorcycle to your latest collection, you'll have to wait.

That's right, instead of placing the only female avenger on the toy version of the motor cycle she rides in the movie, Hasbro has Captain America riding it and Mattel has Iron Man on the sweet ride. That's right. The Avenger who FLYS  is riding the motorcycle... ????



Fans took to twitter with the hashtag #wheresnatasha in protest, with some even posting pictures of the box the toys come in lacking a few Avengers in the lineup.

We polled our listeners and a few chimed in with some suggesting that if the toy companies HAD included the female action hero, mom's would have complained that she was too 'sexy'.

The bottom line is, there really isn't an excuse for this oversight. You just don't take a character out of the toy version of their scene and swap them for another.

What exactly are the toy companies trying to convey to our youth? "Don't put a girl on the toy because boys won't want to play with it"?

Maybe the issue isn't want the kids will or won't play with here. Maybe the issue is an outdated marketing philosophy.


Black Widow was removed from the toy version of her big scene and Anna felt some feelings about this. Why do YOU think Black Widow was excluded from Marvel's toy line?

Posted by 94.9 WHOM on Wednesday, May 13, 2015