This picture shows love to me. I don't care how it's packaged. Little did these women know that their love would bring such hate. 

Everyone has the right to their opinion about gay rights but the line is crossed when an innocent woman is beaten to a pulp for loving someone with her whole heart.

Janelle Martel was a victim of a vicious hate crime on Saturday night in Lewiston. Fueled by hatred by the way she looks and because she is gay, she was physically assaulted by five guys. She was pulled from her car and beaten, suffering from rib injuries and bruises from her head to her toes not to mention the emotional anguish from such a terrifying experience. According to Janelle, she asked the police to press charges and they said because it wasn't rape, they couldnt do anything. "I was in fear of my life and when I tried to get away after they beat me, they stood in front of my car and didn't let me go." Janelle recollects. "They also called me derogatory names."

No one should have to endure this treatment and no one should get away with this. The only police report written was that there were teens fighting in the roadway and each party was spoken to and sent home. Janelle is not a teen, she is a 28 year old woman. Five high school boys against one woman? The odds were clearly NOT in her favor. Lizzy Snyder, Janelle's fiancé says "The police did nothing to help and bigotry is alive and well in Lewiston, justice needs to prevail." Janelle says, "I'm not the kind of person who wants to be on TV or have a story done on me but if it will stop these guys from doing this to another gay person then I have to do this and spread the word." Janelle's partner, Lizzy Snyder will not rest until something is done. "We are going to the attorney general. And to the people who did this: Shame on you."


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