Part of David Bowie's mystique was his amazing mismatched eyes. In an industry and a world obsessed with perfection, his eyes were his trademark, being otherworldly and alien in their imperfection.

Here is the story of how David Bowie got his eerie gaze.

When David Bowie was nine years old he met another kid named George Underwood while signing up for Cub Scouts. They attended Bromley Technical School where they, and classmate Peter Frampton, discovered their love for music. The two came to blows over a girl when they were 15. George punched David and somehow scratched his eye, causing it to be permanently dilated and giving him the appearance of having two different colored eyes.

A fist fight over a girl was not enough to dissolve the friendship and they went on to record an album together with their band, The King Bees. George eventually became a painter and graphic designer, creating the album cover art for Bowie's Hunky Dory and The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

As a matter of fact, George had just sent David a painting as a birthday gift before he passed. George doesn't know if David got to see it, and he didn't know that David was sick. The guys had stayed really close through the years and David had supported George through his battle with prostate cancer.

The friends were emailing each other every now and then and David was working on his new album. He never told George that he was sick. After permanently injuring his eye, David told George that he had actually done him a favor because it become part of his iconic persona.

Meeting at nine years old in Cub Scouts, playing in bands together, fighting over girls, aging and fighting illness and sharing their art with each other- they were very lucky to have had that experience. It's so sweet and normal. Simple, yet rare.

What a great story.