Ever since the news first broke on the accusations made against Bill Cosby I have had a hard time accepting that it is true, and apparently i’m not the only one.

Whoopi Goldberg defended Cosby on Tuesday’s episode of “The View” stating that the testimony only indicated that he used Qaaludes “to have sex with one woman,” but Candace Cameron-Bure countered that having sexual relations with incapacitate women isn't sex, but sexual assault.

Whoopi goes on to say that in this country we are “Innocent until proven guilty” and I would have to agree. I found that the “media trial” many high profile people undergo is tragic and often they are found innocent by the law, but unfortunately never recover from the public trial.

The Cosby Show was a staple of my childhood, and when it became available on Netflix I introduced my daughter Ellie to the show and she loved it just as much as I did.

For me, Dr. Huxtable was the epitome of what I thought a good father and husband should be, so it’s hard for me to accept the man who played this character could be guilty of these crimes.

I find myself wondering if it’s generational and is Whoopi right when she says “the ‘80s were fun, a party!”  Was this just part of our culture in the late ‘70s and not a big deal back then, in the same way that saying the “n-word” was totally normal for my 80 year old grandfather who was born in.



As much as I loved Bill Cosby, and as much as I don’t want this to be true, I can’t support the blatant disregard of anyone’s rights. I guess the truth is, i'm really feeling saddened and torn by this.