The world health organization has just broken the hearts of Bacon lovers everywhere with the release of their new findings. 

Turns out processed meats DO cause cancer, and one big culprit is Bacon. This means that eating processed meats like sausage and hot dogs is just as dangerous for you as smoking cigarettes. The study is published in the Lancet and has created quite a stir.

Bacon has been quite the fad for the past few months with chefs adding the delicious meat to milkshakes, ice-cream, and even cup cakes! But new we may need to consider topping things like burgers, BLT's and homemade mac n' cheese with an alternative to Bacon... like maybe Turkey Bacon?

The good news is with these findings we can make better more informed choices about our diets and strive to put healthier things in our bodies.

In the meantime, here's a fun video of a guy making a vegetable peeler handle out of bacon. Just in case you're looking for a great way to use that bacon in your fridge.