It's a haunting sight to see on the road. A woman walking alone shrouded in black. Who is this mysterious woman with thousands of followers on a Facebook page she never created? 

Barefoot Beginnings Photography

She is know as "The Woman in Black" and up until now has only told people where she is going. Her final destination being Winchester, VA. She finally made it on Wed! People ran to her as she crossed the town line hoping to hug her but she only wanted to be left alone.  There were so many spectators that the police needed to give her an escort.

No one has known who she is or why she's walking. A family member says she is Elizabeth Poles, 56 from Alabama. She is an Army Vet and mom of two. Apparently the black outfit is because she is in mourning.

I was first told about "The Woman in Black" a few weeks ago and watching her progress was quite interesting. On Facebook people would share their photos as they drove by, stories of encounters with her and even a streaming map of her progress.