So it’s my first full work week in this fun-filled city of Portland, Maine. Something that really gets me excited is that I will be able to partake in something that we don’t have back in my homeland of Boston, MA (thanks a lot, Puritans!) and that is happy hour. It's a glorious window of time where the drinks are flowing, snacks are abundant and dreams come true. But this poses a VERY important question. Where should I go for my first happy hour in Portland? There are so many options!

The interwebs told me about these five spots with awesome deals that put the Happy in Happy Hour:


Bar of Chocolate

38 Wharf St Portland ME, 04101 [MAP]

Mon-Fri from 4 to 7PM,  Bar of Chocolate has specials such as $4 well cocktails and house wines, $7 martinis, and $9 absinthe. Needless to say, if I choose this spot I will not be driving home. Apparently they have stellar house-made desserts, too (hence the name)!


Buck's Naked BBQ

50 Wharf St. Portland ME, 04101 [MAP]

Obviously the name alone intrigued me. Who doesn’t want to enjoy some BBQ in their birthday suit? And the only thing better than one happy hour is four and Buck’s runs Happy Hour specials everyday from 2 to 6PM. This includes all kinds of fun like $5 house margaritas or cocktail of the week, $3 well drinks and house wines, and $1 off all drafts and domestic bottles. Look out, Buck! I'm coming for ya!


Congress Squared (C2)

157 High St Portland ME, 04101 [MAP]

Congress Squared or C2 offers Happy Hour daily 4 to 7PM. Beer specials are $4, a daily wine is $5, and a select cocktail is $7. But wait, there’s more! The entire bar menu is half off, including scratch-made lobster sliders, sirloin burgers, and grilled flatbreads. My stomach is grumbling at the very thought! NOM NOM NOM.


Downtown Lounge

606 Congress St, Portland, ME 04101 [MAP]

Downtown Lounge, or DTL as the locals call it, (just trying to fit in) serves $3 well drinks and drafts, $7 pitchers of Bud, $10 pitchers of craft brews, and half-off apps Monday to Friday 4 to 7PM. I am down to explore this dive-y place of joy and wonder!


Hot Suppa!

703 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102 [MAP]

Hot Suppa! appealed to me because it runs a happy hour special Tuesday through Saturday! (That’s right friends, SATURDAY) from 4 to 6PM. They have $1 off beers and cocktails plus a special happy hour food menu including $1 oysters (my fave!).

Am I  missing any hidden gems? Your words of wisdom are greatly appreciated. Cheers to a great week!