28 years ago today. My parents were trying to pack up and head to Cape Cod for a long Memorial Day Weekend. My mom felt like something wasn't right and decided she should go to the hospital and make sure everything was okay, since she was preggo and all.  It's a good thing she did because it turns out I wanted OUT even though I wasn't due for another three weeks! (that was the last time I was early for anything.) Needless to say, my parents didn't have their long weekend in Cape Cod.

Here I am celebrating this day a few years ago with my Barney stuffed animal in tow. Just living the dream.

I find my birthday to be just as exciting now as I did in this picture. It just involves less stuffed animals and more vodka sodas. Oh and I still love cake!

Having a birthday fall around Memorial Day Weekend every year is great!  I like to pretend that all the cookouts and Summer kick off festivities that people have are in honor of my birth.

So what are your plans for my Birth- I MEAN, Memorial Day Weekend?