This boy was devastated when no one showed up for his birthday party. What this mom did to make her son smile again put a tear in my eye. 

Six year old birthday boy, Glenn Buratti has autism. His birthday was last week and whn he was told no one was coming he refused to smile and was devastated. As the Aunt of a Niece with Autism, I KNOW that although they may say things out of context, or seem to not know what is happening. They do! They are well aware of what is happening around them and can feel the pain of being left out just like anyone else. Imagine speaking another language that no one really knows. Not your family, friends teachers or anyone.  I can relate to this because the same thing happened to my Niece. When I took to the air with it, I received tons of emails requesting her address and listeners sent her beautiful cards asking to be friends. It was such a beautiful display of humanity in a world of cynicism.

Mom decided to take to Facebook to rant and when she did, something amazingly wonderful happened. Watch this!