"So what's your type?" is a question that for some reason I've never been able to answer. Until now...


I recently had a conversation with a friend about Avengers where I professed my undying attraction to Thor. I say Thor because while Chris Helmsworth is clearly attractive as a person, I'm really just attracted to the character. That ruggedly handsome, chisled (but not too ripped) man with the gorgeous accent.

I was surprised to find out that she (and many of my other friends) were more in the Captain America camp, finding Chris Evans as the WWII hero more attractive than his Alien counterpart. Apparently that all American family man look is still totally in.

I think it's important to note that my "type" is still rather fluid because I recognize that when I meet "my person" it will be his personality and the way he treats me and my daughter that counts. But in the meantime it's fun to admire the far off beauty Hollywood provides us.



*But Seriously... Thor and Captain America are so pretty... ;-)


So tell me. Are you a "Thor" type of person, or a "Captain America" type?