This morning on "You Tell Us", (that part of the show where we pose a question to you our listeners), we asked you what surprising thing you had in your car.

Unexpected hilarity ensued, and as a result we've compiled a list of some of the strange things you have in your cars!

Chris - Mannequins and blow up dolls 

... wait - what? Ohhh, carpool lane!... riiiight

Susan - 3 machetes, 3 fire torches and 3 sickles.

No Officer, my husbands a juggler I swear!

Tammy -  A pink razor.

And I thought talking on the phone and driving was risky...

Vernon - Camp chairs.

This actually doesn't seem strange at all... I applaud your forethought Vernon

Amanda - tampons,  baby diapers.

I confirmed the diapers were not for Amanda

Megan - 9 pairs of shoes that are not hers...

Don't worry. She's not a serial shoe thief, she's a Mom

Shannon - microwave, and laundry detergent.

"Need to reheat that burrito on the way home? No worries. That detergent will keep your car smelling fresh and clean!"

Melissa - A feral cat. 

Now THAT's a bumper sticker. "My Sidekick is an effing feral cat"

Nancy - Living room chair, Antique 1930's Cat ...Hat box,  and a sewing machine.

I see now how odd my comment about cat's pooing in the box must have seemed...

Tracy - Her father's ashes. "And he doesn't backseat drive!"

Best. Quote. Ever.

Neda - Plastic toothpicks

A better alternative than that dudes business card you just met

Kathy -Scalpel, and two birdcage wedding centerpieces...

Because you never know when you'll need a fancy centerpiece. Am I right?

Grace - A safe (not a face) with her valuables in it, because "in the trunk of my car is the safest place." ...

I didn't have the heart to ask what happens if her car gets stolen

Jim - Clown Costume.

Jim has a clown license so it's totally legit

Aaron - Teddy bear, and Toilet Paper.

Enough said

Jen - Super hero cape, huge chalk board, mad hatter costume.

All for her work at a children's hospital. A true super hero!