Adam Richman hit up Portsmouth on Man Vs. Food and per usual put some pretty interesting dishes in his pie hole. Here is where he went and what he ate:

The Friendly Toast

Adam treated himself to a Sklarmageddon omlette. What's in it you ask? 6-eggs with sausage, bacon, ham, red-chile pecans, jalapeno-jack and Swiss cheeses topped with a zesty maple sour cream. NOM NOM NOM.

Gilley's PM Lunch

Adam got a hot dog with ALL the fixings.

JP's Eatery

Adam coaches Paul "Chappy" Chapman (brave Man Vs. Food member) through the "Slapshot Challenge" which is 15 sliders, half-pound of fries and a pound of milkshake (total of 4 lbs) in 30 min; Chappy had a triumphant win with four seconds to spare. IMPRESSIVE!

Do you think Adam missed any Portsmouth gems?