The year brought some changes to medical marijuana, wine, fishing licenses and labels on alcoholic beverages.

It is hard to keep up with all of the changes that polticians bring to us every year. Luckily you have people like me who combed through it all for you.

Out of the 905 bills proposed in the State of New Hampshire in 2015, only 267 were passed into law (you can read the full list here.) A portion of these went into effect that same year and brought changes to things like alcohol labels, drugs and tanning businesses.

Here is what changed in the State of New Hampshire during 2015 with changes to the state's laws. Click on each title to see the full details:

Synthetic Drugs

This bill banned the sale, use, or possession of synthetic drugs in this state. The bill also requires the governor’s commission on alcohol and drug abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery to make recommendations for public awareness and education on the dangers of synthetic drugs.


This bill makes it unlawful for a person under the age of 18 to use a tanning device at a registered tanning facility in this state.

Fishing Bait

This bill provides that the license required for the sale of freshwater fishing bait includes aquatic invertebrates.

Wine at Cocktail Lounges

This bill allows certain privately owned wines at cocktail lounges.

Recreational Vehicles

This bill modifies the size limitations of off highway recreational vehicles including all terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles which are classified as off highway recreational vehicles.

Ballroom Tipping

This bill includes employees of certain ballrooms as tipped employees for purposes of the minimum hourly rate.

Drug Overdoses

This bill exempts from the provisions of the controlled drug act a health care professional or other person who prescribes, dispenses, distributes, or stores an opioid antagonist, or who administers it to an individual suffering from an apparent opioid-related overdose.

Emergency Assistance

This bill grants civil immunity to licensed engineers and architects rendering assistance in an emergency in the absence of gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Lifetime Licenses

This bill allows the fish and game department to offer discounted lifetime hunting and fishing licenses for residents who have not yet reached their first birthday.

Crossbow Hunting

This bill allows the executive director of fish and game to adopt rules for taking black bear by crossbow and for taking game animals and game birds during the regular firearms season for the species.

Growing Hemp

This bill authorizes any institution of higher education to grow industrial hemp for research purposes.

Medical Marijuana

This bill adds several medical conditions to the definition of “qualifying medical condition” for the purpose of the law governing the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.


This bill designates the bobcat as the New Hampshire state wildcat.

Medical Assistance

This bill permits a witness or victim of a drug overdose to request medical assistance in order to save the life of an overdose victim by protecting the witness or victim from arrest, prosecution, and conviction. The bill also provides immunity from arrest, prosecution, or conviction for a person who, in good faith and in a timely manner, requests medical assistance for someone who is experiencing a drug overdose or for themselves if they are experiencing a drug overdose.

Alcohol Labels

This bill modifies the prohibition on advertisements of alcoholic beverages referencing minors.


This bill defines table stakes poker.

Water Skiing

This bill exempts from the observer requirement boats towing water skiers under the circumstances specified in the bill.

Blue Lights

This bill authorizes the use of blue lights on vehicles operated by local and federal emergency response employees and volunteers and employees of an ambulance service contracted with a city, town, or village district.

Antique Status

This bill modifies the definition of antique motor vehicle or motorcycle.

Social Media

Specifies permissible conduct by an educational institution regarding access to a student’s social media account. Essentially limits their ability to snoop on students or prospective students.


This bill removes the word “grape” from the definition of wine-fortified.

EBT Cards

This bill prohibits the use of EBT cards in businesses that primarily engage in body piercing, branding, or tattooing; cigar stores and smoke shops; and marijuana dispensaries. The bill also requires the department of health and human services to establish an education program relative to the use of EBT cards and requires the department to report on the effectiveness of electronic blocking of EBT cards at prohibited locations.

Alcohol Samples

This bill authorizes sales of samples of alcoholic beverages by manufacturers. Samples sold by beverage manufacturers would be for on-premises consumption.