Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I've always felt a little nostalgic for the styles of the 20's, 30's and 40's when it comes to women's formal wear. 

Rihanna for her part was certainly more covered than some of her peers at this years Met Gala, but her ... well I guess I'd call it a robe? Made quite the impression on the interwebs this morning.


Personally I think it looks a bit like the Lion's robe in Wizard of Oz.

Here are some other funny interpretations of Rihanna's outfit, but for my part I salute her willingness to be bold.

Obviously I wasn't alive during the 20's, 30's or 40's, but the dresses from that era and the woman seemed (to me) to be the epitome of class.

This year the trend was apparently to look like you are wearing as little as possible. Now I know that designer dresses can be expensive, but I'm pretty sure I could have made these for under $50 with a little sheer fabric and some glitter.

So what do you think, are these trends fashion wins, or fails?