It is clear that New England is a place unlike any other. We as New Englanders set ourselves apart with our food choices, clothing styles, verbiage, etc. This got me thinking how fun it would be to bring our New England flair to a classic fairy tale we all know and love. What would the story of Cinderella look like if it were to take place here in New England?

Well first off instead of a ball it could be a very exclusive Seafoodfest. The reason that it is so exclusive is because it is hosted by the Prince Charming of New England himself, Tom Brady.

So obviously a blizzard hits the night of the Seafoodfest even though it’s April (because, New England).

Cinderella’s Evil Step Mother and Step Sisters tell her she can’t go to the festival until she shovels and salts the driveway. They end up leaving without her because she is taking too long with this grueling task. Cinderella is crushed and she has thrown her back out. How will she ever meet Tom now and have beautiful Brady babies?

It is then that Cinderella’s Fairy God Mothah rolls up with her snow tires and all wheel drive to save the day. She even brought a Dunkachino from Dunkin Donuts to lift Cindy’s spirits.

The Fairy God Mothah hooks Cinderella up with three magic seagulls that suit her up for the storm. Cinderella is all bundled up in a nice warm North Face jacket and a fresh pair of Bean Boots.

She hops into her carriage which is made of a massive oyster shell led by a moose and rolls up to the seafoodfest in style. She makes her way to the big pot of lobster bisque, Cinderella’s favorite.

She reaches for the ladle at the same time as none other than Tom Brady himself. They both laugh and insist that the other take the first bowl. They spend the whole night bonding over their love of lobster bisque and Superbowl wins.

Cinderella loses track of the time and needs to get back to her Moose carriage before surge pricing kicks in. She flees from the Seafoodfest. Tom runs after her but he is too slow (which is shocking) He finds her single Bean Boot lying there in the snow, the only thing left of his lobster loving queen.

Tom tweets out a picture of the Sorel boot, size 8.5 hoping to find his beloved. 212,452 women direct message him claiming it is their boot. Tom is almost about to give up his twitter efforts when a picture appears in his inbox. It is a selfie of his beloved enjoying a hefty bowl of bisque. And well, the rest is history. Tom and Cinderella live a beautiful life together filled with bowls of bisque and Super Bowl wins.

What other fairy tales would be fun to put a New England twist on?