According to, people from Maine couldn't care any less about your personal problems and people that live in New Hampshire are sick and tired of you over sharing your baby photos on Facebook. People are sure to be upset about this finding and share their feelings...on Twitter?

The findings came after research done by the public relations firm Rantic Marketing surveyed more than 10,000 Facebook users across all 50 states. Rantic broke down each state's possible annoyance into 5 categories:

  • Posts about politics
  • Personal complaints/problems
  • Pictures of food
  • Pictures of babies/children
  • Selfies

Maine wasn't alone in being annoying by people venting their personal issues/complaints on Facebook. 20 other states feel the same way, making it the #1 most annoying way to post on Facebook. New Hampshire's hatred all of baby pictures actually rates as the least annoying Facebook post amongst the 5 categories, with only 5 other states agreeing with New Hampshire.

You can check out the entire breakdown of the country on this map: via Rantic Marketing

So do you agree with the findings for both Maine and New Hampshire? Are you sick and tired of hearing about personal problems? Would you rather skip over 100 brand new pictures of someone's kid? Or is that exactly what Facebook was meant for?

You can check out the entire article of the most annoying Facebook posts right here.