I stopped into the ACE Hardware on Rt.1 in Scarborough Tuesday evening and noticed the green light on by the door. I've been noticing them a lot lately and wondered what their meaning is. My nine year old looked at me in all seriousness and said with certainty that it means the people who live there believe in aliens. That or something to do with veterans. After finding suction hooks to hang holiday decorations and two new dog beds, I asked the man at the checkout about the lights. He explained that they are to show support for our veterans. I thought that was the coolest idea and hit the internet to find out more. That's when I came across Greenlightavet.com.  This is a video produced by them.

It makes me happy that our veteran's see support and a welcoming light by the door at homes and businesses. Thank you to the nice guy at ACE Hardware for explaining the lights' meaning, and for helping me find suction cup hangers for my wreaths.


If you are a veteran, how do you feel about the green lights? Please comment on our Fan Page or tweet #greenlightavet

Thanks for your service.