I'm so tired of hearing about how bad the police are. There are so many amazing cops who got into this field to help people and they save lives everyday. This Westbrook police officer took time out of his day to play with some kids and it was all caught on tape. 


This story that came out a few days ago made me sick. A mom in Georgia asked the police to come arrest her 10 year old son because he had been acting up. Although I applaud her wanting to set him straight. Using the police to get this point across, in my opinion is wrong. Aren't there better ways to teach your children how to be courteous? Does it have to take an arrest to scare a little kid straight?

KUDOS to Kristina Marie of Westbrook, Maine. She took the video of this Westbrook police officer who decided to join in with the neighborhood kids a play. This is GREAT community policing. To many times we hear stories about the rare "bad egg" cops out there. This officer showed these kids that police are not to be feared, that they are human and approachable. Westbrook PD should be proud!




Westbrook police officerKristina Marie from Westbrook captured this video yesterday of an officer taking a little time out of his day to play with the neighborhood kids.

Posted by WGME CBS 13 News, Portland on Wednesday, May 6, 2015