Portland has a new must go-to food spot - SLAB Sicilian Street Style Food. Do you know about the legendary "slab?" Last week I got a sneak peek and talked to the guys at SLAB. Watch here...  

Almost a year in the making SLAB will be worth the wait, trust me. The SLAB has been a popular Portland dish for years thanks to its creator, Stephen Lanzalotta. After an unfortunate falling out with his previous location, the original "Slab" has been missing for far too long. The time is right for a return!

Now finally in a place of his own with Chef/Co-Owner Jason Loring (also of Nosh) and a few other good owners; Lanzalotta's creations even beyond the SLAB will get the proper respect it deserves. Located half a block away from Monument Square on Preble Street, in the old Portland Public Market building, SLAB is perfectly placed for success!

Besides the classic "Slab", this place it going to offer many Sicilian recipes, a wide variety of drinks, wines from Italy, local craft beers and marvelous desert items just like my great grandmother from Italy would make. They are doing this place right!

Here's SLAB's Jason Loring and Stephen Lanzalotta talking a bit about what SLAB was going to be and what it actually has turned out to be.

If you've never seen a "SLAB" dig this! Yes, that is pizza and yes, that is huge and yes that's just one piece right there and yes.. it is SUPER FANTASTIC!

They also have a great outdoor area for people to enjoy the weather while eating and hearing local musicians do their thing. Check out the stage! It's like Alive at 5, anytime here!

I want to wish Steve (pictured below with me) and Jason and Matt Moran and the other SLABBERS much success! Many great years to you for providing good times and special food to people of Portland and all who visit. It's places like THIS that make this city a must go to spot.

Now if we could just do something about those parking meters.....

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