Cindy Williams has been a NewsCenter anchor at WCSH 6 for over 25 years, but did you know that a few years before she started her career in Portland, she almost won the Miss USA pageant? 

Cindy was Miss Mississippi in 1986 and went on to the Miss USA pageant in Miami with host Bob Barker. In her interview, Cindy said he was currently the anchor of the 10 o'clock news on the NBC affiliate in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Bob asked her to pretend that she was reporting from the pageant, and Cindy totally wowed the judges, the crowd, and Bob.


Okay, so Bob could be a real jerk sometimes, but Cindy played off it well.

Shen went on to be one of the five finalists and was interviewed one last time by Bob before a winner was chosen.

Miss USA went to Texas with Cindy winning third runner-up. Miss Ohio was the first runner-up, someone by the name of Halle Berry. You might have heard of her.

Cindy was up against some tough competition like Halle Berry who didn't even win.

A few years after the pageant, Cindy moved to Maine and settled down making it her home ever since. So she didn't win Miss USA, but she certainly has won the hearts of Mainers after all these years.