Recently it was recommended that Ellie go to the dentist to have two teeth pulled to make way for her adult teeth trying to come down a bit early.

We made the appointment and due to her anxiety about the procedure we decided to go with nitrous oxide, otherwise referred to as 'laughing gas'.


"I'm not nervous and i'm not scared... i'm 'nared'..."


I knew that the nitrous could sometimes make a person feel a little loopy but I had no idea she would end up saying such hilarious things.

The above video is a small sampling of her shenanigans at the very start of the appointment, but due to signs everywhere explicitly telling you NOT to record inside, I turned off the camera when the assistant came in.

In hindsight, I really wish I'd kept the camera rolling, and though it won't be quite the same, I've shared a few of the best moments below!


Ellie: My tongue!.. it's not in my mouth! I don't have a tongue! My tongue is gone!! My lips and tongue are both gone!!

[Assistant gets mirror and holds it in front of Ellie]

Ellie: Oh... there it is...


Doctor: Ok Ellie, Let's wiggle that tooth out ok?

Ellie & Doctor: wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle...

Doctor: aaaannd it out!

Ellie: connn-GRAT-ulations!! (she was super happy for him)


All in all the appointment went well and she recovered quickly from both the teeth pulling and her nitrous trip haha.