I've been known to be rather eclectic with my interests. The staples have always been Acting, Singing or performing. I also love art and am occasionally very crafty.

Sometimes I come across something and I just feel inspired to try it! So today when I saw this video, my first thought was... I have to make this!


Of course the idea of what the item will be versus the reality of what it IS when I attempt it are often two very different things.

Usually when someone like this lady posts a video where-in she tells us how "Easy" it is to make this [insert latest DIY fad], it ends in tears an disappointment.

Credit: Nailed.it


But with all those things considered, this one looks like it might be pretty fun to make. What do you think?

Would you give it a try? And if you HAVE, please post pictures proving to me it's as easy as she makes it out to be.

I mean.. if you're willing to try it, I guess I could too!