There's a new type of camera that will shoot in every direction at once, creating a video that lets you pan around as you watch. Check this one out of Portland Headlight. 

After you click play, drag the video around with your mouse or finger to see 360 degrees around the camera. It's not quite virtual reality, but it's still a very cool feature that is bound to only get better as the technology develops.

The camera used to shoot this video is called the Theta S by Ricoh. It's about the size of your cell phone and uses two cameras with spherical lenses that capture most of the cameras' surroundings and then stitches the footage together to create an interactive 360 degree video that you can view on YouTube.


They sell for $400 right now but I'm willing to bet if you wait a few years this technology will make it into our phones like just about every other camera technology has. Who would have imagined a phone with two HD cameras in it five years ago? It's pretty standard today.