The 2nd episode in the 'Maine On The Street' YouTube series visits historic Freeport and asks residents there a variety of unimportant, but funny questions. 

Noah from the YouTube channel NoahvsNewYork is back visiting Maine again. This time, he's visiting one of Maine's shopping capitals, Freeport, and asking residents a series of very unimportant questions like "what do you want to be when you grow up?" and "where's your favorite place to pet a dog?".

The video does catch some of the Maine "culture" when Noah is in the downtown shopping district searching for people to talk to. He receives several "I'm too busy" responses as well as "we're all set buddy". Mainers can always sense out of towners, it's a gift. Noah encountered the same difficulty during the first episode of the series.

Speaking of that episode, it was filmed in Portland's Old Port.  That episode was posted to YouTube about a month ago and and garnered more than 10,000 views.  Check it out below.

So would you be willing to stop and talk to Noah on the street? What part of Maine should he visit next? The state capital to talk to our Governor? Perhaps a visit to Lewiston/Auburn?