The mannequin challenge is over so it's on to the next viral sensation the Chuck E. Cheese Challenge. Can you do it as well as this Deering High School football player?

The Chuck E. Cheese Challenge is basically doing the robot to songs like Childish Gambino’s “Redbone,” 21 Savage’s “X” and Bootsy Collins’ “I’d Rather Be With You.” The idea is you try to look like those animatronic Chuck E. Cheese characters that you'd sit and watch while feeding your face with pizza before going back and dumping more tokens into games to win 100 tickets for that sweet pencil with the R2-D2 eraser.

Kabala Muka, a junior at Deering High School who plays tackle for the varsity football team, posted a pretty sweet Chuck E. Cheese challenge on Instagram while wearing a shirt from this year's 105th annual Deering vs. Portland Thanksgiving Day game.



If you search the hashtag #ChuckECheseChallenge, you'll find more people that are really good at this.



Even the official Chuck E. Cheese got into it.



Want to give the Chuck E. Cheese challenge a try? We'd love to see it. Take a video and share it with us.