UPDATE: Nikki has since reached out to Officer Yeaton in a personal email. She also took time during the morning show to apologize to him. If you missed it, you can hear it here.

Remember how upset some people were with Nikki when she called a local news anchor a "cutie patootie"? Well, what she said to a Falmouth policeman may have crossed the line.

Officer Mat Yeaton is the local hero who saved a dog that was trapped under a house in Falmouth. A family member took a picture of the rescue, and of course, that photo went viral on social media.

Officer Mat Yeaton also happens to be handsome. When he arrived at HOM's studios to be interviewed by AJ and Nikki about his heroics, word spread throughout the building about his good looks. While Nikki was chatting with Yeaton, other women in the office gathered nearby. Yeaton was very polite and professionial.

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