Deirdre Fleming's boyfriend David caught their cat on video using some slick moves to get exactly what it wanted out of a high kitchen cabinet, and it now has over 5 million views in 5 days. 

Deirdre, a writer for the Press Herald, says "We had long suspected our feral cat had monkeyed his way into cabinets and cupboards like a chimpanzee. Five days ago when my boyfriend, David Stires, captured the cat – named Bear – on video, we got our proof."

With amazing agility, this cat manages to climb up on the stove, open the high cabinet door and grab the dog treats it wanted.

It's not the first time Bear has pulled super cat like feats. "He once opened a locked food tray that was weighted down with a 12-pound dumbbell, in the hope of making it Bear-proof," Deridre writes. "That didn’t work so well."

I have a feeling that if Bear ever climbed up a tree, he would be one of the few of his species that would be able to get down like a boss.