My wallet is happier right now......

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It may be illegal in some of our towns (*cough* Portsmouth *cough*) but for a majority of New Hampshire, you'll notice that Uber prices have dropped!

The ride sharing app emailed it's New Hampshire users (myself included) to get the word out late last night.

On April 29, uberX and uberXL rates dropped by 19% in Manchester, and 34% everywhere else in New Hampshire, to align at one low price across the state.

They gave examples of cheaper routes in comparison to their old rates.....

Sample Route Old Fare New Fare
Hampton Beach to Cinnamon Rainbows $10.16 $6.75
UNH to Congress St, Portsmouth $18.97 $11.94
SNHU to Elm St, Manchester $10.05 $8.08

Happy Ride Sharing!