I think this might be the most selfless thing I've ever seen.

Lately I've been feeling like all I hear or see are reports of selfishness, greed, crime, racism and tragedy. So when this came across my newsfeed I couldn't help but watch it. And as I watched it I was truly touched by the selfless gesture this couple made.

Sure weddings are about fun and celebrating the newlyweds, and yes many wonderful memories are often made. However, the lesson this couple have taught by example, I think, far outweighs the drunk photos of Aunt Mildred or the awkward video of the bouquet toss.

Certainly I don't mean to minimize anyone's special day, because it is special and it's an exciting thing to find your "person" and commit to taking the journey that is 'life' hand in hand!

Yet, wouldn't it be amazing if instead of spending thousands of dollars throwing an elaborate party, more people took that money and did something as charitable as this?

Just imagine what a difference that could make in the world...