So we already knew Portland is good at beer but its nice to get the validation from a notable publication like Travel + Leisure Magazine. Beer tourism is becoming quite the popular thing. The article states that many people find breweries more approachable than wineries, which I can understand. You don't necessarily need to know a whole lot about beer to visit a brewery, you just need to know that you love beer! Portland is responsible for my favorite beer to grace this planet and that is Allagash White. I have never told Allagash how much she means to me, so I thought I would take the opportunity to do so now...

To My Beloved Allagash White,

You refresh me and give me a sense of fullness. With your tall frame and light complexion, I have never laid eyes on such beauty. It doesn't matter if you are served up in fancy glass with that cute little orange you like to wear or kicking it casual in a bottle, you always look great. You are there for me through good times and bad. Whether I am relaxing with you on the beach or you are by my side during a football game, you complete my days. You are consistently delicious and never too expensive, though you know how much you are worth to me. Thank you for being so loyal to me all these legal drinking years. I promise I will never stray from you, Allagash White. The most beautiful beer of them all. <3

Forever Yours,

Kira Lew

Take this opportunity today to tell your favorite beer how much they mean to you. You never know when they will stop making it.