After years of passive aggressive "Gee, I wish there was a 'dislike' button I could push here!" posts and comments, Facebook is finally taking the plunge!

That's right, friends, now when you scroll through your newsfeed you don't have to just ignore a post that annoys you -- now you can let the world know how you really feel and 'dislike' to your hearts content.

In honor of this landmark moment, I compiled a list of ten things you can now dislike publicly as a proud Mainer (you're welcome):

1. Anyone who doesn't love Tom Brady or the Patriots.

2. Every snowstorm photo... every. single. one.

3. Vacation photos from that annoying friend who travels every winter to a tropical island

4. Fake celebrity quotes... because no matter what you think, Stephen King did NOT say that!

5. That unauthorized photo your friend took of you at the latest BBQ (Allen's Coffee Brandy in hand), where she looks amazing and you're a hot mess...

6. The daily map post from that guy who runs around the Back Bay everyday... yeah, we get it, dude. You're super fit. 

7. Motivational memes your mom posts to your timeline, basically telling the world you're still single, because all the lumbersexual dudes you meet are too busy building their tiny houses.

Thanks Mom...

8. When LL Bean sells out of Bean Boots in August because hipsters in NY want to be like us.

9. The tourist drinking Moxie while eating a lobster roll from a chain restaurant.

10. The posts from 'haters' when the Red Sox lose a game.