Every neighborhood has that one neighbor who insists on giving out the strangest things for Halloween.

You know the one. Whether it's apples, homemade treats your parents promptly throw away for fear it's laced with poison, or the house that gives out toothbrushes; there's always that one house that just can't seem to embrace the Halloween spirit.

That being said, these houses absolutely take the cake for the weirdest items handed out on Halloween. What's the weirdest thing you've ever gotten in your trick-or-treating bag?

1. "Potato Salad in a plastic bag"

2. "Pamphlets about why Halloween was a celebration of Satan"

3. "A Christmas crossword puzzle"

4. "A pack of cigarettes for my dad, who was with me"

5. "Live goldfish, not even in plastic bags . . . they just dumped fish into our bags"