Is there an age where you get too old for toys? Not for us-

Honey and I were on the way to Sebago Lake on Saturday when we make our normal Stop at Gemme's General Store on Rt 114 in Sebago (Nasons Beach). You may have heard me gush over how much we love this store because it has EVERYTHING!

Waiting for our sandwiches I noticed a whole line of wood carves slingshots. You know, the ones your parents would never allow you to have because lets face it, no good can come out of owning a slingshot. Now I'm less than 2 months away from turning 50 so I went for it.

Look at the selection!

Teddy Mckay

Course I went with the moose slingshot option.


Teddy McKay

Good looking-


Teddy McKay

Honey always goes w/ the pixy stick or fun dip...cause she's 10...


Teddy McKay

Never know what you're gonna find at Gemme's.

Are you ever too old for toys?

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