Yoga on a boat? Yes please! Here are some interesting and fun things happening in Maine you probably didn't know about. 

NAMASTE! Nothing will get you centered better than doing Yoga on a boat in Casco Bay. The events i'm about to tell you about are happening this weekend but I wanted to give you the "leg up" on this one so you can get tickets ahead of time and make it in. $70 for a three hour sail through Casco Bay even allowing you to help the crew sail. It's quite the work out and an experience you will be reliving to friends over dinner on a cold Winter's night to come.


"Ruffles" the dog Debra Bell

2014 World Championship Boatyard Dog Trials

Watch beautifully smart dogs do a dockside obstacle course, dingy hop and freestyle event. It's fun to watch and maybe even your dog wants to get in on the fun.


Maine State Ballet

The Maine State Ballet "A Mid Summer Night's Dream"

What a great date or family night. You will see cute kids and even a former NYC Ballet dancer as the art director. I heard it's filled with adorable kids and even some comedic moments. You don't have to go to NYC to see a great show, because it's just down the road.

DETAILS: TONIGHT! (Friday 8-8) 7pm and Sat 2pm/7pm