Halloween is known for pumpkins, candy, costumes but all these traditions came from somewhere. Here are some amazing Halloween facts you may not have known. 

BLACK CAT-  Did you know that animal shelters usually won't adopt black cats out on Halloween? They don't want them to be used as decoration or for tricks. Black cats are well known for superstitions not to mention a witches best friend in folklore.




BOBBING FOR APPLES- originated as a way to tell if you were next to get married. It was always done on Halloween night.




CANDY- Trick or Treating was a common practice in Ireland. The poor would knock on the doors of the wealthy "treating" for food. They would often times perform for treats as well. Leftover candy can last a quite a white. Hard candy lasts for a year and chocolate can last up to two years so no need to throw it away. Unless you're watching your waistline and too tempted.


Oh and the correct spelling of Halloween is actually Hallowe'en. Who knew?