There are quite a few things that disturb me about this particular Top 10 List. It's compiled by the YouTube page Top10Places.

For starters, they use what sounds like an animated voice to narrate the list instead of using an actual human. Maybe it's the same woman who does all the announcements for the nations airports and public transit stations. She's from Maine by the way.

Maybe it's the way the call it "Cape Elizabeth Town." All my life I've heard it called Cape Elizabeth, never Cape Elizabeth Town.

Maybe it's because they mention playing "kick the can with other children." What century are we in? Have you ever played kick the can?

And then we get to Yarmouth, which, in this video is pronounced Yar-Mooth. Not just once. Then we get to Bangor, or as it's pronounced in this video "Banger!" 

Swing and a miss on this one Top10Places, swing and a miss.