Linda Andem is a breast cancer survivor and has a heart of gold. Her invention is making chemo treatments a little easier but she needs your help.

Linda is a Mainer now retired in Florida. She's a breast Cancer survivor and all around wonderful soul. I met Linda through a dear friend, Suzette who also happens to be her daughter. When Suzette was diagnosed with breast cancer, Linda was devastated. Especially considering she had also walked the long road to recovery and knew the challenges ahead. That's when she sprung into action making warm hats to keep her daughter comfy during chemo in the cold Winter months here in Maine. Suzette soon became known as the "hat lady.' It wasn't long before people were asking where to get one.  That's when Suzette and Linda decided to give back. This is so "them," despite their own trials they always have given back and now over 100 hats later continue the quest to make more for local oncology offices free of charge. It isn't cheap for materials that are soft and comfy on heads with little hair so they need your help.

How cute and stylish is this hat?!

Linda Andem

Donations are very much appreciated and what a great practical way to show someone you know or don't know that you care about them through their treatments.