Leah and Jonathan lived on their shrink-wrapped sailboat through the winter. They're "live aboards" and it's not as rare as you might think.

In their blog 'With Brio' the couple explains that they were one of about a dozen full-time live aboards in DiMillo's Marina. "The nice part about winter is that we actually *know* almost everyone who is living here, so there’s a fun sense of community."

They've got heat from an oil heater and when you're only trying to warm 180-square feet of space, it doesn't take much. They shower at the DiMillo's facilities, and somehow, they don't get sick of each other in their tiny floating home. In their blog they said, "We get along super well and manage to give each other ‘mental’ space even when we can’t give each other physical breathing room."

Leah and Michael documented their winter a few seconds of video at a time. Would you do a live aboard?