Most think that payphones are a thing of the past...but this one was just installed in Biddeford - and it's not an ordinary payphone. 

This payphone is called a 'public interest payphone' - local and emergency calls are free. It's on the corner of Jefferson and Center Streets.

You can thank Jeff Cabral, the director of Biddeford’s McArthur Public Library, in Biddeford. He noticed that more and more people would ask to borrow the library's phone, He started looking into a service that could be provided, because despite what you think,

Not everyone has a cell phone!



PIP's (as they are known) have to be requested and if the need is great enough, the Public Utilities Commission will approve one in a downtown area. Biddeford was a perfect city in need of the phone.

There are right now about 40 PIPs throughout Maine - and you might just find yourself grateful if your phone is dead, lost or you simply don't have one.


SOURCE: Journal Tribune