It's that time of year again, big yellow buses are on the roads and your ride to work gets a bit slower. Who couldn't need a brush up on the rules of the road? 

I must admit that sometimes i'm not sure what to do when a school bus is flashing their yellow lights. I usually play it safe and stop anyway but sometimes the bus driver will wave me on.

In North Carolina, over 3,000 school bus laws were broken in one single day! That is staggering. In fact, this recent video really shed some light on those statistics and made me cringe. Take a look at this video from a bus via WNCN in North Carolina...

In Maine it is illegal to pass a stopped school bus with flashing red lights. Here are some useful facts about bus safety and rules here in this state.


It never hurts to brush up on it after Summer vacation. Probably a good idea to teach the kids to still look both ways before crossing. I noticed that the boy in the video trusted too much and started to walk across without looking. It might be a good idea to remind the kiddies to double check and play it safe. Happy back to school!