As most of you know I am very good friends with my ex-husband, but it wasn't always that way...

So when I saw this little girl's video pleading with her parents to "try your best to be friends" it honestly broke my heart. What a wise soul this child has.

"I'm not trying to be mean... I just want everyone to be friends... I'm not trying to be mean, I'm trying to be the best in my heart..."

A 6 year old girl wants her divorced parents to be friends. She's brilliant :)

Posted by Fun Dumps on Sunday, September 20, 2015

When we first parted ways Ellie was only 9 months old and I was devastated. Anger, frustration and sadness were all emotions I became incredibly familiar with. But we promised no matter what we would to never speak ill of one another in front of her.

Make no mistake, it was no easy task in the beginning. But now, 8 years later all that hard work paid off. We've somehow managed to not just co-parent but to actually become real friends. I adore his wife Katie and I am "Auntie Lala" to their two sons.

But the most important thing is that Ellie is happy. Because ultimately, it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with Ellie's well being. We chose to terminate our marriage relationship, but we will forever be her parents, and she our child. She deserves to be surrounded with love and postivity; we owed that much to her.

This little girl's plea to her parents is so real and so sweet I was just overwhelmed by how wise and sincere her words were. And what a simple, simple thing she asks of us.

"My heart is something... and everyone else's heart is something too.  And if we live in a world where everyone is mean, everyone's going to be a monster in the future! ... we need everyone to be a person. Everyone."