Listening to HOM at work?  In the car?  Wherever you're listening; THIS is where the sound is coming from!  6,288 feet in the sky, high atop the summit of Mount Washington, bearing some of the world's worst weather conditions.  

Through an incredible combination of science and technology, we get the programming on HOM from our studio in Portland, Maine to the top of Mount Washington and then to your radio. This all happens in a split second.  Crazy, huh?!?

The above photo of our tower and transmitter building was taken this morning (1/22/14) by our great and very brave friends at the Mount Washington Observatory. 

In case you're wondering, it's currently -11 at the summit but the wind chill is making it feel like a brisk -43!  Anyone up for a hike?  Just kidding...

You can get real-time weather updates and see exactly what the glorious WHOM transmitting tower is dealing with by clicking here. Now when you hear a little static on WHOM,  you'll understand why!

Click here for even more history about the WHOM tower and frequency. We're all part of something very special by listening to WHOM!