Man we've had a lot of snow this year! It's been quite the chore for the Portland puclic works crews to remove the snow from the streets. 75 years ago it was even more of a chore as you can see in the video from the Maine Historical Society.

There's no sound in this video because it was 1940, well before cell phone cameras. Even television hadn't become mainstream at this point.

It was orginally shot on film showing the streets of Portland being cleared of snow using snow blowers, a conveyor belt and lots and lots of dump trucks. The process is still pretty much the same today but with bigger blowers and trucks and the city no longer dumps the snow off the pier into Casco Bay.

The film even shows a 1940's car pulling a donut in the snow. I don't know the make and model but I'm sure some car enthusiast can tell us.

The crews will be at it again soon as yet another storm is on our doorstep set to dump another 6 to 10 inches on us. Are we over this yet?