If you're a multi-millionaire looking to snatch up real estate on Portland's coveted peninsula, then this might be the place for you. Even better? It's a stunner.

The Eastern Promenade is showing off with one of their finest homes on the market today for a whopping (although oddly reasonable) $3.2 million.

The Most Expensive House in Portland is 84 Eastern Promenade

It's located at 84 Eastern Promenade with exceptional views of the ocean. It is much smaller than The West Mansion (the former most expensive Portland house for sale, see below), at 5500 square feet, but it's got a another factor contributing to it's higher price point ... it's a multi-unit. Multi-units are super hot in the Portland market right now since rental rates keep climbing. However, these aren't your standard entry level apartments. Each of the four units has a high end kitchen and did I mention sweeping ocean views?

The taxes on this place are $14,998 per year, which is as much as a decent downpayment for a modest home in the communities surrounding Portland.

The official Realtor.com listing, prepared by listing agent Ed Gardner III, says the home was built in 1900 and it's located directly across from Ft. Allen Park.

The first and second floor units are beautifully appointed and furnished with private decks and breathtaking views, while the modern basement unit has a beautiful private patio and top floor unit has an amazing roof top deck.

A chance of a lifetime!

181 Western Promenade is the Former Most Expensive House in Portland

Realtor.com/John Hatcher

This stately mansion on the Western Promenade held the title of Most Expensive Home in Portland for months. The West Mansion, as it's called, is over 13,000 square feet with 9 bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. It's current list price is $2.795 million.